Judith Williams

Art is in Williams’ genes. Her mother, Dorothy Rutherford, was a syndicated artist in New York who gained notoriety by making the paper doll clothes that children cut out of the newspaper for their Tillie the Toiler dolls, which were popular during the Great Depression in the 1920s and ’30s.

Art, Williams said, provided an escape for her during hard times, which were plenty for a single mother who raised three children, worked as a waitress and attended college, all at the same time.

Now  an accomplished artist exhibiting in galleries up and down the East Coast, Judith continues to grow as an artist with her art ranging from beautiful figures in charcoal to bold, bold abstracts. 

Gordon Meggison

Acrylics and watercolors are my tools to explore these poetic relationships through a personal calligraphy of intuitive vibrating line and color, describing all things luminous. My dreamscapes are based loosely on the world I see using thick impasto texture, sculpting and imbedding color, adding layers of wet saturated color washes, adding then subtracting to create pentimento effects of time. I write as all artists before me, on an ancient cosmological tablet, to map an ultimately illusive internal cosmos.

Cynthia Walburn

Cynthia was born in Southern California and grew up in South Florida. She has resided in North Florida for over twenty years and currently divides her time between Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale. The sunlight and tropical landscape of South Florida is an obvious influence in her work. She derives her inspiration from nature but especially the beaches, marshes, and springs of Florida. Most of her paintings incorporate the quality of light reflecting off or through water.
Formally trained in the field of architecture and interior design, her love for painting and drawing has evolved and expanded over the course of 30 years. 
"I consider my work to be transcendent impressionism. My work is rooted in elements of water, air and light. Most people describe my work as tranquil and even ethereal."

Sari Srulovich

Jerusalem-born Sari graduated with distinction from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (BFA) and the Royal College of Art, London (MA, RCA). She lectured for several years at the Bezalel Academy and at the Wizo Canada College of Design in Haifa.

Her works of art have received many prizes and awards. They have been displayed in many exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the United States and are part of many collections.

All her work is handcrafted and involves a combination of modern technology and traditional silversmithing methods such as raising, hammering, and chasing etc. The pure and simple lines of her distinctive designs incorporate Jewish motifs and religious concepts.

Sari would be delighted to receive you and show you more of her work at her studio in the Arts and Crafts Lane (Hutzot-Hayotzer), which is across the street from the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David and is within walking distance from the Citadel and King David hotels.

Sharon Binder

Sharon beautifully incorporates her art with her family history and love for Jewish traditions. 

She designs and produces dozens of custom-made Jewish gifts for individuals, special occasions, businesses, corporations, and charitable organizations in her studio in Jerusalem's Artist Colony. 

Her inspiring work hangs in the Hadassah Hospital towers, as well as in several private collections.

RJ Higgins

R. J. Higgins' life changed, eight years ago, when he was in a paralyzing ATV accident. Unable to walk or use half of his body, he turned to watercolor painting and drawing as a physical therapy to learn how to write again. Today he is miraculously able to walk, and has expanded his craft to include recycling old, discarded scraps of wood and metal and making them into something beautiful and useful.

Polly Charette

Polly is fairly new to the art world. For years she has been a psychotherapist, often treating people with dramatic brain injuries. Her life forever changed when she was in a tragic car accident in 2017 and suffered a traumatic brain injury, herself. 

Listen to her story or how her discovery of art played such a huge role in her healing process.

Bronwen Chandler

My focus is mainly scenery: landscapes, seascapes, the beautiful local wetlands and marshes in North Florida. I tend to relate to the season and love the brilliance of Fall colors also the bright clarity the summer light casts on the landscape or the ever-changing sea.  My favorite mediums are oils and acrylics, also occasionally working with watercolors...and yes, there is almost always some purple to be found - I  am always striving to improve and expand to try new challenges and ideas!  Painting is about both me and my viewer: I want the composition to be solid, and the viewer to be drawn into the work and to be able to strongly relate to it.

Avril Ward

In early 2017 Avril was honored to receive a Gold Star Award from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, for a life time achievement of excellence in art.

As a diverse artist in medium and subject, Avril works generally in series of 20-30 of one theme before organically moving onto the next.

In this way she feels she can express her many varied interests in life including her love of her environment and nature, her observation of human nature and her belief in God. Over the years we have seen her moving gently from realism to conceptual abstract.

Her three dimensional works range from relief sculptures, assemblage art and her largely popular limited edition bronze sculptures. These sculptures are predominantly long thin genderless figures, their body language very poignant and so subtly formed, yet extremely expressive. Her history as a professional contemporary and jazz dancer has given her this ability to express emotion through gesture of the body.

Versed in many mediums like acrylic, oil paint, charcoal, clay and concrete, she has exhibited and sells her artwork worldwide, with clients of movie stars and a US President.

Eileen Corse

Corse began following her passion for painting 15 years ago and has accumulated quite a following for her bold, flowing paintings.  Painting impasto and alla prima, Corse's paintings are alive with movement.  Her most recent series, Water, includes a grouping of paintings of people at the beach or pool. 


Corse has been featured in many of the Nation's top art magazines including American Art Collector, Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air Magazine and several Local publications as well.

Alma Ramirez

I believe feelings are very powerful when transmitted through colors. There is so much poetry on them that I can't resist but try to combine and arrange them in different ways, creating or recreating a story with layers of paint. It is to me impressive how much I can share with the world with my pieces, my love for nature,  especially in the ocean, the waves, the air and fresh smell of the sea.

Lesley Frenz

Lesley Frenz (b. 1972) is an emerging artist working in acrylics and watercolors. Born and raised in coastal North Florida, she received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Florida where she studied Art History and Painting. An avid hiker and backpacker, Frenz finds inspiration in wild places and her current practice is centered around the exploration of the natural world and landscape through its expression in color. Soft and atmospheric, her paintings evoke the vast mystery held in places few truly explore. Her first solo exhibition, LATITUDE, opened at Art & Light Galleryin Greenville, SC March 4, 2016. She blogs about her artistic journey at ArtsyForager.com.

Frenz and her husband travel throughout the Pacific Northwest, working and searching for inspiration and a place to call home. She is currently painting on Camano Island, Washington.

Claire DeVoe Rooney

DeVoe is a University of North Florida graduate and lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Anthony, where these two artists run their respective businesses from home. DeVoe grew up close to her family, and still holds them dear. In her life, women have become paramount as mentors, teachers, and guides—evident in her path to becoming an artist. While her work spans design, fine art, and soft-goods, the thread of solidarity remains the use of vibrant, saturated color that permeates all her work. 

To learn more about her history, click here.

Keith Doles

Keith Doles is an artist and graphic designer living in Jacksonville where he received his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of North Florida and a MA in Business from Webster University.

His painting style includes influences from Cubism and Abstract Expressionism where geometric shapes are layered in perspective with expressive color.  n recent years, Doles has participated in several regional art exhibitions and youth outreach activities in Jacksonville, St. Petersburg and St. Augustine, Florida. His work can be found in private collections and public institutions. 

His studio is in the CoRK art district in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mike Perry

Mike Perry recently rediscovered his passion for painting on a large scale, following a successful fifteen-year-career in the decorative arts. Growing up immersed in the antique and decorative painting industry, the artist fostered a lifelong fascination with incorporating the elements of patina, time-worn surfaces, and richness of color into canvasses evoking such timeless themes as light, water, and sky. Representing a natural progression in an artistic journey that began in childhood, Perry’s work expresses a mellow, impressionistic sensibility with a hint of abstraction – an atmospheric quality both pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the intellect. This calming, atmospheric style radiates in Perry’s commissioned works on exhibition at numerous northern Florida locations, including the new tower and administrative offices of Baptist Medical Center, Mass Mutual Insurance, the Accounting Firm of Dixon Hughes Goodman, the private home of Ted Turner, Atlantic Beach Country Club, Nordstrom and the Jacksonville offices of Raymond James Financial. Mike Perry's first solo show "New Horizons" was at Stellers Gallery on June 27th 2014.

Perry holds a BFA in studio painting and drawing from the University of North Texas, and lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Lori Taylor

Lori is an incredibly talented artist, decorator and business owner of Trends Home Decor, located at 3915 Hendricks Avenue in Jacksonville.  Lori work is sought after by individuals and designers, alike, for her incredible sense of color and composition.  Contact us if you are interested in a commissioned piece for a specific space in your home of business.

Tiffany Manning

Tiffany is an accomplished photographer who made the leap to painting a few years ago. In that short time, she has proven herself to be a respected artist who has a wonderful sense of color, movement and composition. 

She has her studio at CoRK Art District in Jacksonville, Florida.

Contact us if you are interested in any of her work or in discussing a commission for your home or office.

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